History Tutoring


Is your child having a hard time remembering historical events and the dates associated with all of them? Or is memorizing the American presidents and the times that shaped our country difficult? Academy Tutors is here to help with a caring and knowledgeable history tutor. Connect with us today to start providing the assistance your child needs.

History Tutor Online with Academy Tutors

Students may not understand how important the critical events and issues in history are.  We know how frustrating that can be when you can’t help your child with keeping dates and names straight. Our History tutoring programs can help. Academy Tutors will pair you with an experienced online tutor for history to work together on strategies for higher comprehension of the subject.

Gain confidence

When your child knows all the facts that of history, they begin to gain confidence in their focus and memorization skills. Your Academy Tutor will implement strategic methods because we understand each child is different and has a unique way of learning.

Get one-on-one instruction from a history tutor 

Your child and tutor meet in a custom online learning environment. Academy Tutors has an innovative tool that enables them to talk through each history subject and interact virtually. An online tutor for history replicates the in-person tutoring dynamic, and it’s remarkably effective.

With our convenient online programs, your child can learn right from home. Less driving and more learning! Our unique live tutoring program, your student will learn from your home computer. It’s like a private tutor at your kitchen table.

Improve memorization and focus

American History tutoring enables students to focus their time and energy on tough topics. Often, students are forced to work quicker than they would like because there isn’t time to stop in the traditional classroom.

We will apply our experience helping students succeed to ensure your child’s is mastering essential skills. We create lessons that are specific to your student’s level and pace. We want to keep your child engaged but not frustrated. Our math tutors will always give positive and constructive feedback.

Increase Your Child’s Confidence Today   

When your student begins working with Academy Tutors, our Curriculum Director will help create a program based on your child’s needs. Our History tutoring programs will have your child focusing on reviewing customized material and learning new concepts. We have systems to prepare for various exams your child may face. Contact us today!


Because your child deserves to shine.

Get access to the best tutors in America, from the convenience of home. Sign up today to get your own personal classroom, where you can meet with our highly qualified and rigorously trained tutors.

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