How Academy Tutors Works

1. Connect with Your Curriculum Coordinator

We will connect you with one of our caring and talented Curriculum Coordinators at the beginning of your program to help determine your program’s syllabus. We’ll match you according to the subject, test, and grade level you’re looking for support in.

2. Schedule a Session

You can start a session as soon as you are connected with your tutor! We can also help you schedule one to fit your busy schedule. Because we offer a mobile classroom, you can access your eLearning experience anywhere.

3. Start Your Journey!

Experience personalized education inside our innovative and personal online classroom that is designed to facilitate learning for today’s digital generation.

4. Monitor Your Growth and Progress

Your Curriculum Coordinator will provide updates to make sure you’re on track and on pace with your goals. You’ll have the ability to review personalized feedback and update your plan to continue your program and master the subject at hand.

5. Succeed with Academy Tutors

Watch your grades improve! There is no shortcut to academic success, but personalized learning with Academy Tutors’ professional teachers gives you the advantage to reach your academic goals.

Because your child deserves to shine.

Get access to the best tutors in America, from the convenience of home. Sign up today to get your own personal classroom, where you can meet with our highly qualified and rigorously trained tutors.

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