Our Team

John Cochener – Founder and President

John created Academy Tutors based on a decade of experience tutoring and teaching for a number of schools and private companies. He started as an SAT tutor in 2005, traveling to students’ homes and teaching classes at local colleges throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. He taught high school math at South San Francisco High, and served as an Instructional Supervisor at Lydian Academy (Menlo Park). He worked for four years as online faculty for Axia College, continuing with its parent company University of Phoenix after they merged.

Academy Tutors was founded in 2014, with a focus on using technology to connect students with busy schedules with the best instructors from across the US at the most affordable price. John personally interviews and trains each potential tutor candidate, to make sure he or she will make full use of the technology incorporated into the website and classroom. John is constantly adding new features and curriculum to make sure students enjoy and benefit from their online experience.

Kelly Campbell – Vice President

Kelly has over ten years experience tutoring SAT and ACT students, including a period in Monaco and the south of France. She has an MBA in Applied Finance,  and started as Program Director for Academy Tutors in July 2018. Currently, as Vice President, she makes sure we have the best curriculum partners and technology solutions available, and works with the President on business strategy. She is also currently writing a new textbook for the SSAT. 

Kelly’s favorite things are traveling, languages, and her Bengal cat, Oscar. Kelly has traveled to 43 countries, and has studied over ten different languages. Try speaking with her in  French or Japanese!

Kathryn Dillard – Program Coordinator (ELA)

Kathryn background Information

As Program Coordinator for English Language Arts, Kathryn lends her expertise in the fields of literature and social studies to help map out Academic Support programs for students in English, History, and related fields. Kathryn also advises and oversees the verbal/reading sections for test preparation programs

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