SAT Tutoring

At Academy Tutors, we are here to prepare your student for the skills he or she will need for the SAT. We offer practice exams and so much more to develop your scholar’s skills and build confidence when taking the SAT.

What to Expect from SAT Test Prep at Academy Tutors

Your student will receive the right guidance from expert SAT tutors who know the college entrance exam inside and out. Your Curriculum Coordinator creates a custom program based on your student’s academic needs. Then, we’ll create a personalized online lesson path for extra instruction and practice to improve the skills that need the most help.

Live online tutoring

Our live online SAT tutoring option is the best way to maximize both convenience and personalization on your journey to your best score. We provide a customized course, tailored to your needs with an SAT master as your guide.

Diagnostic tests

Academy Tutors has recommended exams your student can practice with, so we can identify areas for improvement and target preparation. We also offer full-length official or benchmarked practice tests. We will have a comprehensive score report to help breakdown areas that need the most improvement.

Academy Tutors are the best

Our private SAT tutoring instructors are passionate and committed to working with students at their pace to find the path to success. We look at each session as more than just a class, but a chance to build a relationship with one-on-one tutoring.

Blended curriculum

Academy Tutors has thousands of simulated test questions that will give you the variety you need to prepare for the SAT. In the curriculum we provide, you’ll have access to videos that explain ways to efficiently answer each practice question. We also offer online practice tests to assess speed and accuracy.

Strategy sessions

Each lesson takes place in your own Private Classroom. In these sessions, your student will learn strategies for each section from our expert tutors. Sessions can range from 60-120 minutes each, which allows the tutor and student to focus on one test section, or whichever academic concepts in which your scholar needs help.

We have guided solutions to difficult questions from tests and homework. We also incorporate time management techniques to help deal with unfamiliar material.

Academy Tutors SAT Specialists

We know that fantastic teaching is about more than memorizing facts. Our tutors are committed, captivating instructors who work with students to master test taking skills and critical thinking necessary for success.

Each tutor goes through training and is selected by our Director to ensure that your tutor is one that cares!  

Get to know some members of our team.

SAT Tutors around the Nation

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Choose the SAT Tutoring Option That’s Right for You

Get access to the best tutors for SAT Test prep in the nation, from the convenience of home. Sign up today to get set up with your student’s own personal classroom. We are ready to build a relationship with you and your student. Call today to get a free consultation.

Because your child deserves to shine.

Get access to the best tutors in America, from the convenience of home. Sign up today to get your own personal classroom, where you can meet with our highly qualified and rigorously trained tutors.

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