Science Tutoring

When your child needs help with science school work,  a science tutor from Academy Tutors can help. Our expert science tutors cover Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and more. Discover how our online tutoring can give your student the extra attention he or she needs.

Science Tutoring Help from Academy Tutors

Get the science support your student needs

Each one of our online science tutors is ready to help today. From creating lab reports or complicated chemistry questions to understanding all things outer space, your student can receive specific responses regarding science. It’s all built around your schedule—whether it’s early morning or late at night, there’s always a tutor online ready to help.


One-on-one science tutor online

Academy Tutors makes science accessible and fun. We believe in strong relationships through communication. So we know how your student is performing, and we can help them get to where they need to be.

We will pair you with the best match for whatever science subject you need. Chemistry, Biology, or Physics, your child has their own high school science tutor available. We have exercises that will teach your child how to problem solve in our online classroom. The student can review the answers. This practice is compounded with science worksheets to work on all science skills.

Convenient online programs with Academy Tutors create an environment your child can learn right from home, which equals less driving and more learning!

Help with every science subject and skill level

Our science tutors help all students at different skill levels. This includes:

  • Specific studying tips and time-blocking science tests
  • Immediate help with finishing science school work
  • Review answers with students
  • Discuss experiments and/or science projects

Grow the passion for science

We want to help your child succeed, and a science tutor is your bridge to grow your child’s confidence. The customized programs will help uniquely. We know students are different and they learn differently. We’re here to support your child in whatever subject they need support.

Connect with a Tutor Today

Guidance from our Academy Tutors will be that catalyst to your child’s success. We explain things in a way that your child will be able to digest. Our Curriculum Director speaks with each student to ensure that you get a customized program based on your child’s needs. Our science tutors will improve your child’s grade. Find your online tutor now.

Because your child deserves to shine.

Get access to the best tutors in America, from the convenience of home. Sign up today to get your own personal classroom, where you can meet with our highly qualified and rigorously trained tutors.

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