Here’s just a small selection of testimonials from students we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years

“I would like to recommend Academy Tutors to anyone who is looking for extra help. I started working with John and Kelly earlier this year and they have been so helpful. I had trouble with the Math section on the SAT and with the incredible dedication of both Kelly and John, I was able to increase my score by more than 250 points. All the tutors on Academy Tutors are amazing, qualified teachers that will answer any question you have no matter how silly you think it may be. My tutor was always cheerful and willing to explain the same problem time and time again until I understood it. She answered all my questions in a way that allowed me to really understand the math I had such a problem with. I am so grateful to Academy Tutors because they put in time and energy to help me facilitate my next step in my academic life. I would really recommend them for any coursework you may need help with. Thank you again, Kelly and John!”
Age 18
"In just 2 months with Academy, I improved my ACT score from 28 to 33."
Age 17
"My son, Austin, utilized Academy Tutors on two fronts; help with his AP classes but mainly in assisting him in approving his ACT test scores. John and the rest of the team developed a personalized plan for my son to meet his lofty goals. I am pleased to say, my son obtained his goal, thanks to the help of Academy Tutors, which was to boost his ACT test score placing him in the top 1%. This not only opened doors to more top tier universities but it also helps dramatically with additional scholarship funding. A great feature Academy Tutors offers is the instructors were able to teach my son via Skype and the use of electronic white boards on a schedule that was convenient to my son’s schedule. This is great benefit for us, since we do not live nearby, in fact not even in the same state. Thank you Academy Tutors!"
"Feeling very good on my math! He helps me a lot. Thank you so much for my math tutor - not only is he a great person, but also is a very great math tutor!!"
Age 13
“ Knowing what types of questions to expect, as well as which answers to avoid, made testing less stressful”
Age 18
“ I’m ahead in Algebra thanks to Academy Tutors. That gives me more time to focus on my other classes”
Age 14
“ Swim practice goes until 8, but it’s never too late to meet with my tutor online”
Age 15
"Kelly tutored me in math for two years and was the best tutor I have ever had. Whatever topic I was having trouble with, she made it easy to understand with her clear and detailed explanations, always making sure I fully understood everything. I really enjoyed my lessons with Kelly as she always made me feel completely at ease and relaxed and I never felt like I was asking any “stupid questions”. She made the lessons fun and the time always flew by. I couldn’t recommend her more!"
Hannah O'Shea
Age 17
"After 20 years of working, I decided to take the challenge to go back to school and earn my MBA. I overestimated my memory and depth of understanding and found that returning to subjects that involved math was more difficult than I expected. I needed a refresher. Kelly is very mindful and understanding, and she has the ability to evaluate her students and create tailored teaching techniques. She taught me, and several others in my class, business, finance, and applied math in a way that was well-structured and easy to understand and provided us all a deeper understanding of the topics. Problem sets became easier to read and work through. I was happier to continue my learning and I actually enjoyed the subjects I originally thought were too difficult for me. Kelly adapts to all levels, ages, and capabilities, which is a true gift."
Kim Patel
Ages 40s
"Working with Kelly allowed me to develop more confidence in my math skills and during tests. Her capability of adapting the way she explained things to me made it so much easier for me to understand things, such as by drawing sketches etc . Also it was really easy to connect with her and feel comfortable, it was a really great experience."
Gaia Sillari
Age 17
"Kelly is a fantastic tutor! She taught me Math for a couple of years and helped me pass this subject that I've always struggled in. Without her I would've found it impossible to pass IB Math. Kelly is extremely friendly and patient, which in my case helped; and always seems to find an easy way to explain things. "
Jon Pol Freixes
Age 17
"Kelly was very helpful to me. She helped me prepare my SAT II Math exams. Her teaching method is very effective - I was terrible at mathematics but she still helped me get a 700. She is extremely patient, kind, and clear in her explanations."
Ezra Meir Cohen
Age 16
"Kelly not only helped me to get outstanding grades on my tests but she made sure I had a thorough understanding of everything I was doing. I found out how and why things worked in mathematics. I had an F when we started, but I ended my year with a steady B in Algebra 2, which is something I never could have even imagined. Kelly helped me with many things, from English to Science to Math, but more importantly she helped me improve my study habits. I am a lot more dedicated to my schoolwork now that I've had her as a tutor."
Erica Barrios
Age 16
"Ms.Campbell has been a great tutor during our sessions between 2014-15. Very professional and kind, she helped me acquire my basic math knowledge for the IGCSE courses as well as developing my mathematical terms in English. Her ways of teaching are excellent for young teenagers and students who are not fluent with the English language."
Riccardo Pica
Age 15
"I returned to college to finish my undergraduate degree when I was in my forties. I had a few math classes to complete and knew that I may have a challenge with algebra since it had been so many years since my last algebra class. I overestimated my memory and found myself near tears after the first class. None of it was clicking for me. I called Kelly Campbell, in a panic, and asked if she would be available to tutor me that following weekend. Thank goodness she said yes! Kelly began by teaching me the foundational basics of algebra and then proceeded to one of my homework problems. She showed me a couple different approaches to solving the problem. I wasn’t getting it. I began to get frustrated with myself which only compounded the situation. I’ll never forget her putting her hand on my shoulder and encouraging me to relax, that it was going to be ok. She went on to say, very soothingly, that she had many tricks up her sleeve and she would simply continue to show me different approaches until one of them clicked for me. Just her attitude alone made me more comfortable and confident that I would know what I was doing before she left my house that day. And sure enough, shortly after that everything made sense and I felt certain I could finish the homework on my own. She changed my entire experience with college level algebra and statistics and I couldn’t be more grateful."
Meg Boring
Age 40s

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